Net Worth$5 million
ParentsLes Moonves, Nancy Wiesenfeld

Adam Moonves was born to his multi-millionaire father, Les Moonves, former Chairperson and CEO of CBS. Besides, his father is an actor who has played in The Six Million Dollar Man, and Cannon.

However, Adam is living a lavish life under his father’s net worth. But, has he started his career. Let’s find out below!

How Old is Adam Moonves?

Adam was born with a silver spoon, to his father, Les Moonves, and mother, Nancy Wiesenfeld. His date of birth remains confined. After some time, Adam’s parents’ relationship took a turn towards divorce.

Then, his father got married to step-mother, Julie Chen, who is an American TV personality and producer for CBS. Adam has a sister, Sara Moonves, an American fashion editor at W Magazine, and two brothers, Michael and Charlie.

Professional Career

Adam has not yet started his career, but his father, Les Moonves, was also an actor where he had roles in movies, including Cannon, The Six Million Dollar Man, and has appeared in an episode of The Practice in 2003. He had nine credits as an actor.

Moreover, Les started his business career in 1985, joining Lorimar Television. He was an executive in charge of its movies and was also the president at Lorimar for three years. In 1995, he worked as the president of CBS Entertainment on CBS.

Now we can know him as an American media executive and former actor, the President of the Board, and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation as well as a Chairperson. Besides this, he is known as the Co-President and Co-Chief Operating Officer of Viacom, Inc. Some of his awards include the Career Achievement Award, Milestone Award, and Showmanship Award.

On the other hand, his mother, Nancy Wiesenfeld, is an American Businesswoman who owns an expensive house in Los Angeles, California.

Is Adam Moonves Dating Someone?

Adam was in a relationship with Gina DeMasi; together, they welcomed their daughter named Ari. But they were not married, and the couple got separated, and Gina lives in a tiny apartment where she faces a lot of economic trouble to raise her daughter. The father of her child does not pay enough money for her family, which makes it hard to afford food.

Gina once said that Adam spends $2500 a month to cover his health insurance and rent, but leaves nothing for her. She works two days a week, and she wants to support her daughter, but Adam’s lawyer suggested it would be better if she gave up work because it does not make financial sense. She admitted that Adam has not been working in any place, and these are causing more trouble for the family. Also, he has not talked about the allegations related to child support as well.

His lawyer, the baby father, visits her twice a week and fulfilling all the needs of his daughter. The public has kept hope on the family of three gets united very soon.

How Much is Adam Moonves Net Worth?

Adam’s net worth is only $5 million, but he enjoys the net worth of his parents. His father, an American Media Executive who has a net worth of around $400 million, and his step-mother’s net worth estimated at around $16 million, who is a popular television personality, news anchor, and producer of CBS. In 2017, they bought an apartment at $1.8 million.

Height and Weight

Living a millionaires life, Adam has garnered massive attention from the media. While peaking about his body measurements, Adam’s height and weight remains inside the closet.